Project Supervision and Fresh Mission Article

Hector Video gaming Company Case study

Case Study

Hector Gaming Organization

1 . Precisely what is our significant problem?

a. The major problem for your organization is the fact there is no set vision or perhaps mission. n. Lack of common goal.

2 . Identify a lot of symptoms of the problem?

a. Lack of communication

n. No real teamwork

c. Review and define the company mission

d. Set long-range goals and objectives

at the. Analyze and formulate ways of reach objectives.

3. What is the major source of the problem?

a. The major cause of this problem is organizational governmental policies. Everyone should be brought back towards the same web page. This can be attained by placing goals and objectives with each other as a team. Second of all, you need to take all the projects and set them through some sort of decision conditions. This will help you select the tasks that are most important to your business.

Underlining Issue:

The underling issue with your business is that you do not have clear quest of where the business is going.



• Growth charge for the last 2 yrs is approximately 80% each year. • Unique sector specialists.

• Peter's entrepreneurial spirit.


• Lots of projects out and about.

• Not enough internal communication.

• Conflict with client positions].


• A unique item that has specific niche market educational worth.

• Well-established brand


• Potential loss of sector talent to other companies.

• Increased components of competition.

• Threat of substitution items.


Bum: If you stick to this substitute you have potential of loosing key employee's.

Revise the mission statement: If select this alternate you can accept the company into line with everyone on the same page.

Fire some or all your 15 top managers: If you choose this kind of alternative you the potential of loosing beneficial assets that can help build your organization.

Decision Conditions:

Decision Criteria Company Positioning Minimal Costs Minimal Risks...

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