Marketing Conventional paper

PORTION A: Buyer Segments 1) The unsophisticated high school sporting activities team - ranges via 13-18 years old - low usage/travel prices - no/unsubstantial loyalty status - require more customer assistance due to unfamiliarity of traveling only - seeks great benefit for low quality As these consumers don't travel around often , WestJet has to try to find ways to concentrate on this portion other than with loyalty programs. With many excessive schools facing budget cuts (Yakima Herald), sport departments will probably be looking for reduce airfare costs for teams' away online games. Many pupils traveling in sport clubs often have not travelled by itself, meaning they have needs differentiable from the normal traveler. WestJet has been doable towards this kind of segment, creating an effective group travel software to focus on these customers. According to WestJet's business website, rewards include the capacity to make separate payments and last minute schedule changes. 2) The cost-conscious suburban family

-family scale 3 or even more

-low to middle cash flow

-seeks fun/relaxing family vacation trips

-values seasonal/holiday packages

Most the Canadian population is catagorized into the decrease to middle section class category (StatCan). That they not only search for fun annual family trips in order to bring the family closer, they also make sure to strategy trips inside their income budget. Thus, they take advantage of holiday packages airlines give during the christmas. This social class segmentation is large enough that it is considerable for WestJet to target independently. WestJet presents a variety of holiday packages and less expensive airplane seat tickets compared to other rival airlines. WestJet as well travels to a wide range of holiday destinations including Mexico, the Bahamas, Barbados, and Hawaii islands, which gives these types of families a variety of destination choices. 3) The outgoing and adventurous foreign student

-between the ages of 18-25 (Generation Y)

-university education

-from different cultural groups and various countries

-wants to travel about...

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