Questions and Answers on Honda’s Attaque into the U. S. Bike Market Composition

Class discussion prep questions: HONDA case 1

1 . Why was Honda so good in invading the US motorbike market?

Honda was effective in invading the U. S. market fundamentally because they implemented a " market philosophy”, and allowed that very clear strategic method to permeate you can actually approach to promoting, sales, production, and R& D. This was in contrast to the incumbent U. S. and British motor bike manufacturers, whom failed to recognize success of Honda's technique in the Japanese people market, going out of open the opportunity within the U. S.

The " marketplace philosophy” stressed 1 . Acquiring market share and 2 . Increasing sales volumes of prints above initial profitability. Honda's approach started out by re-conceptualizing the motor bike in the minds of buyers (" You meet the best people on a Honda”), based on identified client need, and supported by substantial advertising expenses.

2 . Depending on the case:

-how do you think that Sochiro Honda spent his time?

I believe Sochiro Honda spent his time evaluating consumer's demands rather than business needs. Having been evaluating the needs of low-middle income people and companies and tried to satisfy their needs and how this automobile can enhance their productivity.

-How did he add worth? He added value by simply entering into MASS production to cater for a specific group of buyers -What sort of person was he? I think he was incredibly proactive and creative

three or more. What emails does the Boston Consulting Group's report upon Honda (from which the case study is definitely extracted) mail to leading managers?

The report sent Boston Consulting Group's (BCG) to Honda Motor Co. management talks about the company planning, learning, and strategy necessary for achievement in business. Actual success comes mainly through the superior and innovative products. Although the Uk automobile sector did create a superior merchandise, they failed in the market since they did not really understand how outstanding their products had been, leading to uncertainty...

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