The Truth About Sharks Essay

" The Trust About Sharks”

By Mary Bauer

Environment –Identify time and place.

The story takes place in the daytime between twelve: 00 i am and around 3: 30 pm in Norwalk, Connecticut located in Fairfield County in Mitchell Gail's department store.

Main Persona – Make use of at least two quotes from the textual content to reveal character traits. Include the page amount. The main character is Beth. A 17 year-old redhead girl who " …not do mornings” and is a " …devout night person. ” (pg. 32) Beth dreams of likely to veterinary institution, but through the course of the storyplot decides that perhaps rather she will need to become a lawyer. " Attorneys have power. ” (pg. 45)

Plot – Create a plot series and list five situations, climax, slipping action, as well as the resolution. Beth wakes up and finds out that she must go to the shop before her Uncle Al's birthday party to get a pair of fresh black jeans. She visits the store and meets Hannah; a saleswoman who helps her locate a dressing place. She endeavors on many different pants, although finally locates some your woman likes. The girl decides to leave her products in the dress up room and look for some more together with the pants the lady wants continue to on. The security guard with the store accuses her shoplifting and requires her to the office in which Officer Brennerman comes and gets Beth. The expert takes her out of the store and sets her at the back of the police car. While the girl with in the back of the automobile, Beth points out her area of the account and the official decides to check into. They go back to the store and Hannah concurs with he story. She gets all of her stuff and leaves a store. After the girl gets in the car, she gets really annoyed about the accusation and goes back into the store requiring to see the manager. She explains what happened and threatens to call an attorney. In the end, Madge is forced to apologize and Beth is given a great gift card.

Theme – Find in quote through the novel to prove the theme. Are the page number. The theme of the story My spouse and i you should always fully stand up for...

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