Cover letter intended for MSc Health Economics Dissertation

п»ї Cover letter to get MSc Health Economics

With this kind of letter My spouse and i hereby desire to apply and state my personal motivation intended for entrance towards the Master put in health Economics at the University of Nairobi for the 2015/16 educational year. I actually appreciate this kind of opportunity to bring in myself at the University and I perceive this as a excellent opportunity to support my program for the Master put in health Economics offered by your University. With my educational background and functioning experience, I strongly believe I was suitable prospect for the programme. I possess chosen this kind of University as my mass because of useful scholarly solutions and well-known reputation of the highly qualified education of the University of Nairobi When introduced to economics in high school I actually realized that it interestingly competent as a subject of both equally Arts and Science. It was an area described by specific rules, guidelines and axioms and yet there is tremendous scope for self-expression in the form of interpretation and analysis. This facet of economics intrigued me quite definitely and I decided to pursue further studies in Economics. Within my under graduate days We equipped me personally as best as I could, with assorted tools found in economic evaluation. I acquired rigorous training in mathematics, micro and macroeconomics, economic advancement, econometrics and game theory. After completing the program, I joined Globacom Nigeria limited a telecommunication organization that made me see how man capital purchase is being aimed at enhancing development and growth and how one particular might use economics to tackle real world problems, wherever simplified versions, and if, perhaps away of problems might offer simply no respite. Used to do some very interesting work in this article, which is referred to in my curriculum vitae. I want to delve deeper in to the subject to be able to carry out impartial research and analysis I really believe that countries in Africa are ideal place pertaining to studying Wellness policy. Since your University is a only...

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