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Diary of Gardening Sciences

Volume. 53, No 2, 2008

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E. O. Sindir1, M. Martinov2, S. Skaljic3, M. Djevic4, S. Oztekin5, V. Ros6, N. Mihailov7 and T. Kosutic8

Subjective: Rural areas, especially in developing countries, will be facing with numerous interpersonal, economical, ethnical and environmental problems. In the most cases there is also a growing matter because only hardly any farmers or perhaps inhabitants have the ability to follow modern day, sustainable and environment-friendly strategies in farming systems. The results of this are numerous, just like: poverty, significant migration to urban areas and unplanned provincial settlements. It has a significant impact on the national economic system, demography, and environment. The Association of Agricultural Architectural in South Eastern The european union (AESEE), lately have managed these significant problems from the rural neighborhoods of their place and herewith emphasized the role of agricultural engineers in beating the problems and providing suitable solutions to get a sustainable countryside development. Keywords and phrases: rural areas, agricultural executive, South-Easter Europe, AESEE, sustainable rural advancement

1 E. O. Sindir, PhD, mentor, Ege School, Faculty of Agriculture, Izmir, Turkey, kamil. [email protected] edu. tr

2 M. Martinov, PhD, teacher, University of Novi Unfortunate, Faculty of Engineering, Novi Sad, Serbia, [email protected] ns. ac. yu 3 S. Skaljic, PhD, professor, Faculty of Cultivation, University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, [email protected] net. ba four M. Djevic, PhD, professor, University of Belgrade, Teachers of Agriculture, Belgrade, Serbia, [email protected] bg. ac. yu

5 H. Oztekin, PhD, professor, Cukurova University, Teachers of Agriculture, Adana, Turkey, [email protected] edu. tr

six V. Ros, PhD, teacher, Technical College or university of Cluj-Napoca, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, victor. [email protected] ro six N. Mihailov, PhD, professor, " Angel Kunchev" University or college, Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Architectural, Rousse, Bulgaria, [email protected] acad. bg eight S. Kosutic, PhD, teacher, University of Zagreb, Teachers of Culture, Zagreb, Croatia, [email protected] hr


E. O. Sindir et ing.


Un Development Plan (UNDP), in its Annual Statement for 3 years ago (UNDP, 2007), warns the international community for the growing distance between rich and poor citizens, inside both developed and growing nations, we. e. the richest 2 % in the world's mature population now owns much more than 50 % of global home wealth whereas the bottom 50 % very own barely 1 % plus the gains coming from global growth are being highly unequally distributed. The poverty is definitely when a person ends up with poor quality terrain, water, gasoline and other normal resources, which limit ground productivity. In trying to earn a living, they may further degrade their immediate environment, leading to a vicious routine. Environmental degradation and hard to find resources the two push people into poverty and keep all of them there, reinforcing inequities. Today, soil erosion, floods, draughts and polluting of the environment threatens the livelihoods of 2. 6 billion people and also a billion people you do not have clean normal water. Each year, sub-Saharan Africa loses more in productivity through poor water management than it gains through expansion aid and debt relief. It is, therefore , essential to emphasize once again, the functions of agricultural engineering to get rural creation under these circumstances.

Position of the OBSERVE Countries

About the current basic and monetary indicators and the situation of agricultural composition and creation in DISCOVER countries included within this research, namely Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Poultry, Table you and 2 are provided. Just like be seen through the tables, GROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT per capita is very identical with the exception of Croatia, and agricultural share inside the GDP of the countries seems...

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Received: 04 14, 2008

Accepted: Juli 10, 2008

4 Doctor Milan Œeviñ, redovni educador, Univerzitet u Beogradu, Poljoprivredni fakultet, 11081 BeogradZemun, Nemanjina 6, Srbija, [email protected] bg. ac. yu

5 T

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