San Miguel Corp. and A. Soriano Corp. Case Study Essay

п»їTitle: San Miguel Corp. and A. Soriano Corp.

Time Frame: January 1982

Viewpoint: Mr. Andres Soriano, Junior.

Brief summary:

Mister. Andres Soriano, Jr., the CEO and Chairman in the Board, believed the need for an effective planning system for the 2 companies (ANSCOR and SMC). It seems that their particular ability to respond to the rapid changes in the environment around them is definitely not enough. They will sought specialist advice via Dr . Peter Lorange, a specialist on strategic planning. Continue to looking for other ways to improve their very own management strategy, they required a further help their development, which is to put into practice the strategic planning procedure. They understand that even if they can be large complex organizations, they may have to deal with challenges in the process. They must be able to adapt to environmental changes, chances and realities for the future of their company. ANSCOR and SMC group of businesses have to imagine ways in order to implement the strategic organizing process through the entire organization to be able to ensure that all are comfortable regarding the explained approach. Therefore MR. A. Soriano attempted to first clarify and operationalized the ideas of this approach to his management and then perform workshops like having a " Hands-on clarification” exercise for the members. When Mr. A are determined to start expanding plans using this approach, he first constitute the Corporate Technique Groups (CSG), then CSG appointed the Chairman for each Business Households and selected team members. Despite the challenges encountered, and time and effort put intended for implementing this approach, they've learned that this strategic planning strategy have provided them the ability to be more adaptable, and a much better environment. Affirmation of the problem:

How would SMC and ANSCOR strategize in implementing the modern strategic planning approach with ease? T. U. W. T.:



Martial Regulation aftermath (unstable government)

Competitors and potential entrants

Doubt of businessman and shareholders...

The Impact of Strategic Management and Supervision on Strategic Decision Making Composition