Saxonville Sausage Company Exploration Paper

Problem: How can I, Ann Banks, merchandise marketing overseer at Saxonville Sausage Organization, suggest an appropriate position to get the Italian brand sausage Vivio? Alternatives:

I can pick from one these four ideas developed:

a)" Family Connection” concept

b)" Love” concept

c)" Balance” concept

d)" Creative/Clever cooking” concept


Saxonville Sausage Organization should make use of the " Innovative Cooking” strategy


From your data in Italian Sausage Concept Assesment, it can be seen that equally " Relatives Connection” and " Innovative Cooking” concepts were positioned high nevertheless the respondents' understanding of " authentic Italian heritage” may have biased their particular opinion toward” Family Connection. ” The " Friends and family Connection” location would not enable Vivio to differentiate on its own from other brands and could take away through the other brands in Saxonville Chicken Company. " Creative Cooking” is easier to communicate compared to the " Friends and family Connection” situation. In the purchase purpose study almost twice as a large number of respondents stated they definitely might buy the product based on the Creative Cooking position than the Family Connection position. This can be a consumer school product which can be homogeneous, and hence substitutes based upon price can be available. In order to avoid a price warfare, this chicken must be differentiated from the competition and " Creative Cooking” would support do that. Positives and negatives of decision taken:


Higher not any of participants would buy the productRanked next by many correspondents Better to communicateRisk of losing customers from " Family Connection” position Let Saxonville to differentiate from other brands

Plan to take care of cons: As more respondents have said they would certainly buy based upon " Imaginative Cooking” than " Relatives Connection”, it could be easier to sell based on " Creative Cooking” concept. Likewise, the risk of losing customer via " Family Connection” can be mitigated by using the line " …you dedicate doing to your family…” with particular focus on family could...

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