4: The child years and Confident Parenting Research Paper

п»ї04. 07: Positive Parenting

Please complete this questions. В It is important that you use full paragraphs and present the questions and answers when you submit your work. В The answers to the Debate Questions are worthВ 10 points. Use theВ rubricВ to guide you. Module Four: Debate Questions

1 ) Do you think confident parenting approaches work? How come or obtain? I do think that positive raising a child techniques work because my mom uses it on my more youthful siblings and still does for me. When I was younger my friend would ask me to do a chore and when I finished she would encourage me and/or consider me out for a treat. Now that I'm old I do duties without being asks and without bar an a treat, although the lady still motivates me and thanks me personally by sharing with me how appreciative she is for what I really do. Because I have seen how great this technique works I want to apply it to my kids sooner or later. 2 . Select one of the 3 scenarios shown at the beginning of the module. Illustrate how you would handle the situation. I chose the second scenario: You come home via work and discover that the middle school-aged daughter has not finished her homework, though she was supposed to have homework succeeded in doing so that you could include a family video night. With this situation We would make my own daughter perform her research while the rest of the family observed the movie.

Replied to: В Kevin PierreВ: We have much the same parenting styles. I totally agree with what you said. Amazing job!: ) Replied to: В Anton Revutskas: Great opinion however , I didn't cancel the family film night and ruin everyone's night, I would personally just make my daughter study while that they rest of the relatives enjoyed the movie.

04. 08: Confident Parenting

At this time, you happen to be asked to complete theВ video journey questions. Each link (the name of the lab) has a group of questions beneath it. Making use of the link, response the queries that follow. Note that links clear...

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