Individual Education Essay

51. " Education will be really effective only if it is created specifically to meet the consumer needs and interests of each student. ”

The present contemporary society commences phoning attention to the individual development that guides recommendations of education reformation we normally know the individual education, which is to exclusively cater for every distinctive scholar. This revolutionary education technique indeed features its redemption features, but I have my reservations. What I think through repeatedly is the efficiency of achieving a balanced basic know-how and augmenting a qualified friendly people. Plainly, this " individual education” viewpoint is founded on correcting the inadequacies of current education mode – to strangle a scholar's personality, to sacrifice a student's pursuits and to limit a student's capability and potential due to " group education” – students attend same programs, have same homework, and take same exams with out their own time immersing about what they enjoy doing. On the other hand, specific education gives students even more chances to communicate with educators individually, to choose what to master and how to find out freely. The indispensable value of this education form is that it maybe largely decreases the apathy of learning and losing out of faculty, and that eases present student's pressure. But , is specific education the very best substitute? As known, an effective form of education closely attaches family and world, thus it should take on the responsibility not only to help the family shape a student's unique individuality, but to support cultivating students' sociability. In a conventional type of education, learning how to develop a suitable relationship between peers and teachers must be important component to school education that could never be dismissed. Such education acquaints students with the exhilaration of competition and the joy of discussing and sharing views or perhaps opinions, whilst all these can not be achieved when a...

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