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Khalifa Independent Secondary School Quality: 11 Check Objectives Groundwork Section 1:

English Office First term

Students is going to watch or perhaps listen to a persuasive or perhaps an interview of approximately 5 minutes and answer: A. 6 mcq ( 6 points ) B. a couple of constructed response question ( 4 details ) Examples: 1- Employing your own vocabulary, explain just how ( the speaker )was successful to convey ( his /her )message to viewers. Support the answer with details in the listening.. 2- How was your speaker capable of show the significance of his / her concept at the beginning and at the end of the speech? 3- How could this kind of speech be improved being more convincing. 4- That which was the main focus as well as purpose of this speech? 5- What was the response of the viewers? 6- Which is correct according to the listening?

Section 2: Browsing: Students is going to read a persuasive or perhaps an argumentative essay of around 600 words and solution: A. six multiple choice questions ( 6 items ) B. 2 constructed response question ( two points )

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Muhammad desoki

British Coordinator Mr. Mohamed Sayed

Academic-Vice Primary Mr. Nasser Al-Qahtani

Khalifa Independent Second School English Department Level: 11 Check Objectives 1st term Examples: 1- Will you agree or perhaps disagree that.........................? Support the answers with details through the reading Or maybe a short tale that occurred to you or one of your close friends. 2- Which in turn persuasive approaches used properly? 3- What persuasive approaches can be added to make persuasion stronger? 4- How ( persuasive approach ) used effectively from this reading. Provide details 5- What may replace this word or perhaps expression ( to start, to conclude, to sum up ………. etc . ) 6- Precisely what is the main focus/ purpose of this essay as well as lecture 7- What type of article is this? ( argumentative – persuasive – descriptive – narrative ---etc. 8- What really does the underlined term mean? 9- What is the thesis declaration in this essay?

Section a few:...

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