Information Technology and Economy Article

The impacts of Information Technology in the Economy are not a problem that can be completely covered within a presentation or possibly a research work. This subject includes a lot of factors and proportions and features stimulated the eye of experts, research centres and international organisations the past 30 years. As far as the evaluation of the influences of Information and Communication systems in the Economy are involved, the multidimensional character is also accompanied by diverse points of watch [1],[3] regarding the achieved results approximately today, and fr the oncoming outcomes the following years.

The extensive utilisation of Information technology in business sectors began the 70s. Considering that the 70s up to day a massive improvement happened and more will be in progress with no visible or perhaps predictable limits together with the progress the advancement team up with the wide adjustment of the scientific achievements to the business sector. The changes of the economic and social position were huge worldwide. This is that this period is characterized as the next Industrial innovation. Generally, we can distinguish the history of inrush and exploitation of Information and Communication technology into 3 separate phases: A)The initially phase includes the period that Information technology was mainly used pertaining to the recording and processing of information and for helping the cost-effective and successful units to increase their production. This was initiated by the overall look of microcomputers during the our childhood of the 80s providing the essential accessibility and availability towards the digital technology and making it popular.

B)During subsequently, which is called " Information Society”, the technology influenced most sectors in the Social and Economic Life. The degree of affect was and so intense that led to huge rates of growth in Industry and Services. The info Technology industry as well as other industries, which could make use of the ground breaking technology, faced periods of prosperity and incensement with their productivity.

C)The Third period came due to the konzentrationsausgleich and conversation of Internet technology and Globalisation. The networking of Information Systems and local networks and the comprehensive use of computers not only as being a tool of recording and processing of information, but also as a imply of interaction with multiple applications (entertainment, education, Understanding management, sociable activity, etc) took off the utilisation in the digital technology consituting today an integral part of our lifestyle. The growth of sites technology was so great which the changes in the creation and providers were fast and capturing.

A considerable number of research workers[1],[2],[3],[4] have worked on the examine of the rewards and the evaluation of using information technology in economy and social Lifestyle. Developed or perhaps developing countries use to call up the current position of the overall economy " Fresh Economy” and consider the economic situation resulting from the fermage of Information and Communication technology in the economic activities. The primary advantages of this example can be discriminated as stick to: A)High prices of production. The costs of production increase are sufficiently excessive and are anticipated to become higher, as the economic results are usually provided after the depreciation of matching investments. The increase of the rates of expansion at the beginning of new millennium is regarded as a result of the investments in the info Technology that took place throughout the 90's. The application of Information and Communication Technology resulted inserting the automated production procedures and better managing of fruitful units. B)Improvement of top quality of the presented services and products. Within a lot of cases a better top quality of products come without significant increase of production expense. In this, the applications of robotics...

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