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Polytechnic University of the Philippines

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Riezelle Allysza Contempato

Karen Corpuz

Bernadette Ariel

Jazmin Dizon

Mark Corpuz

Project report for:

Sociology, Lifestyle and Friends and family Planning

Prof. Justin Nicolas

August 2013

Mass Media


Mass Media takes a extremely important role in our society. It is a group of systems that made to reach the mass in the people. It is medium that is used to gather diverse information through the entire different happenings in the world. Tv, radio and internet would be the component of advertising. These pieces may also be used as an education learning system that gives various data and explanations that can become found in different educational catalogs. Internet is one of the best aspects of mass media that is certainly mostly used by large number of persons in our society, but in the present era, internet is not only used to gather different information but it is likewise used for satisfaction and entertainment. This paper intends to explain an issue because of the used of mass media as well as proposing an alternative to clearly explain the issue. The second section of this kind of paper details the issue to get presented. Another section discusses the various methods used on how you can explain the matter. The fourth section presents the info and analysis about the problem to be proposed, and lastly the final outcome and advice statements regarding the issue.

Discourse on the Problem

Cybersex is actually a work passion of people today. It is quite escalating Philippines because of financial causes, but cybersex is a criminal offenses often called the job fitted terme conseille. Cybersex is normally criticized for the reason that partners regularly have small verifiable know-how about each other. Yet , since for several the primary level of cybersex is plausible simulation of sexual activity this knowledge can be not always preferred or required, and may...

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