The Cro Magnons and Neanderthals Dissertation

 The Cro Magnons and Neanderthals

The Cro Magnons made an appearance in Africa around 75, 000 in years past and entered Europe 35, 000 years back. The Neanderthals are followed back to 140, 000 yrs ago when they made an appearance in The european union. Cro Magnons are like all of us in many ways, presence wise we look exactly the same, unlike the Neanderthals who were brief and muscular with big bones and a slightly bigger brain then simply Cro Magnons. Having a a bit larger brain didn't suggest they were more clever then the Cro Magnons, the Cro Magnons were far more skilled in hunting and communicating. They will invented the spear thrower which be sure to let them throw spears farther aside, this caused it to be much easier to hunt. Neanderthals and Cro Magnons hunted the majority of the same animals, mammoth, reindeer, bison, and wild horse. Cro Magnons also sought after fish, by using a harpoon likely with bone points. The Neanderthals were nomadic hunter/gathers who employed fire for warmth and cooking right now there food. That they made significant technology advances in enclosure, examples of this; when they occupied caves, that they dug ditches in there dirt and grime floors to hold away normal water. If they couldn't locate a cave they can build wood frames and cover these animal skins. That they believed in existence after death as they covered the systems of generally there dead with flowers and buried these people in low graves with food, equipment and guns. The Cro Magnons had many advancements in instrument making technology. The advances of hunting weaponry caused these to coordinate generally there hunts. That they set up formal rules of hunting. There leaders would enforce these rules. They may have found data that these leaders had bigger status burial since they were buried with ivory daggers, amber beads, and other signs of high rank. The Cro Magnons added artistry, samples of this happen to be cave panting's. Archaeologists discovered figures of ivory and bone embellished with dog or subjective designs, generally there artifacts might have been used for magic rituals. This may show the Cro Magnons belief about there sprit globe From...

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