The Listening Skills of Grade Vii Students Dissertation


Tuning in holds a crucial role in man's communicative activities. Adler R. ou al (1992) stated in his book eligible Understand Human Communication that communicative fluency on the two forms cover a wide range of which means. It does not only mean the ability to speak easily and obviously, to read understandingly and quickly nor to publish satisfactorily and skilfully yet also to pay attention carefully, considerately and effectively. Such will take advantage of the interrelationship from the language art-listening, speaking, writing and reading. Among this kind of four macro skill areas, listening features crucial significance because it serves as the basis, the building blocks for the introduction of the three subsequence skills specifically speaking, reading and writing.. it is the primary channel by which the scholar makes initial contact with English language, the widely used language. It's the first to work in the life of a typical individual which will he uses more than any other skill. Indeed, listening needs a very important role in man's communicative activities and activities. Fritzgerald, L. (1993)2 composed in his publication entitled Fundamentals of Studying Comprehension, that an average of 70 percent of people's rising hours can be spent in communication-listening, talking, reading and writing. Strangely enough among the four skills, listening takes the greatest chunk of man's expansive time. He further noted that 40 percent in the whole 70 percent is dedicated to listening; 30 % to speaking; 20 percent to reading and later 10 percent to writing. With this big share of your energy spent in listening, you might think that people are good guests. Unhappily this may not be so. Human society may be " notoriously bad listeners”.

Deficiencies in listening abilities are exposed by research conducted for the listening abilities of many individuals, professionals and businessmen. Atiteo E. Sixth is v. (1990)3 stated that after hearing a ten-minute oral presentation, an average person understands and recalls just 50 percent of what continues to be heard; forty-eight hours or two days later on, 25 percent even more is neglected. This seemingly means that only 25 percent or perhaps one-fourth of what was heard two days earlier is not gotten rid of or remembered.

What could become the reason of people's deficiency in listening? Why do they land to listen? How come do they not flourish in understanding and remembering the actual hear or listen to? How come do some people refuse to listen? Surely, it is not because they cannot possess the ability to comprehend what had been stated. It is because they have not learned to listen thoughtfully and diligently. They may not really be aware of the way they must listen closely and recollect things noticed. Along thie questions, Whitman R. (1988)4 in his book Speech Conversation: Principle Framework 1

explained that inadequate listening skills brought about by cultural background, environmental factors, and refusal to teach listening at school are triggers why many people have not bought loistening expertise. It is a specific area that has been taken for granted. It has certainly not been given much importance in several schools in the mainstream of language educating.

The concept of Whitman can be further supported by Brown V. (1994)5 in the book educating language Arts Creativity. He stated that the truth for the observation and declaration of inadequate listening habits are normal among people and that the teaching of listening abilities has been really neglected depending on researchers association withcolleagesues and experiences like a classroom tutor for calm a number of years. Many teachers have got readily believed that kids learned to listen just as normally as they learn how to eat and walk. This kind of ability continues to be taken for granted beneath the assumption that as your child matures emotionally, he acquires facility in listening with conscious effort, or that listneing center is obtained as a by- product of other dialect activities. What seem to be the sole listening training the learnersget from school are...

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