The Price of Beauty Essay

The buying price of Beauty

In today's culture it is assumed that getting of a certain color, a certain pounds, and having specific attributes is what makes someone beautiful. The movie " Very little Miss Sunshine” directed by: Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, is about a young young lady named Olive who desires for being in beauty pageants. In the first scenes of the movie it shows Olive mimicking the winner from the Miss America pageant in ah and amazement. Olive is invited to the Tiny Miss Sun pageant in California automatically, which leads her and her dysfunctional friends and family on a great journey to California. Although the journey is filled with turmoil and loss, their very own main top priority is to get Olive to the contest. At first glance, Olive is not really what you might think of the moment beauty occurs to you. She is pudgy, very extra tall for her age, with dark rimmed coke bottle spectacles, and a mode only the girl can value. By setting a specific unit and specific standards The tiny Miss The sun pageant is a symbol of commercialized American beauty. The pageant can be described as shallow portrayal of splendor in America. Kids beauty pageants are filled with prosthetic tooth, fake and teased hair, makeup, and incredibly risqué clothing. This is what America is laying out to society and even more to its youthful contestants as being beautiful. Ould - L. Wonderlich of the School of Mn did a study on 22 women, 9 had participated in the child years beauty pageants and 9 had not. " This study evaluated the association between childhood beauty pageants and adult disordered eating, human body dissatisfaction, major depression, and self-esteem. Childhood pageant participants have scored higher about body unhappiness, interpersonal distrust, and instinct deregulation than nonparticipants, and showed a trend toward greater ineffectiveness. ”(Wonderlich) Lots of the young contestants are resulted in believe that if they fit into a specific mildew rather than getting themselves they will be beautiful. When you are judged...

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