Essay on The Process of Lipstick

Lipstick was seen as long as 5000 years ago in the city Ur, near Babylon. The process of producing lipstick as well as the ingredients applied have altered dramatically over time. Today lip stick is the most well-liked cosmetic and according to the April, 2006 concern of " Ladies House Journal, ” sixty five percent of girls use lip stick daily and twenty five percent won't leave their homes without this. I'm not sure how they acquired these stats, but they're interesting.

Lipstick is made of many different materials. The several main materials are color, wax, olive oil, and alcohol, and they make-up sixty percent of lipstick. The wax includes candilla, beeswax, and the more costly oil camauba. When camauba oil can be used the more pricey the product is usually. The essential oils used to help to make lipstick will be lanolin, minerals, easter, and vegetable oil. Constantly, fragrance is definitely added but only comprises one percent or fewer of the blend. Also, a great many other ingredients can be added to the mixture to enhance its quality.

The making lipstick consists of the subsequent: the organic ingredients such as waxes, oils, and solvents are dissolved separately in stainless steel or ceramic storage containers. Next, the oils and solvents happen to be ground along with the wanted make use of color tones. Next the mixture that was made is definitely mixed with the wax. The mixture can be stirred for many hours, so when the stir is done the mixture is definitely agitated to free this from any air pockets. Some makers use a vacuum pressure equipment to consider all the air out. Then a mixture can be strained and ready for molding, or it can possibly be put into pans and kept for upcoming use.

Different color pigments are more comfortable with make lip stick therefore the lipstick needs to be prepared in different amounts. Depending on how popular the lipstick shades are will certainly tell us how much to make of this certain product, the size of the batch, as well as the quantity of pipes to produce at once. (Julyne Derrick, Beauty Guide)

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