The Idea of Flexibility Essay

Liberty for everyone

In the novel The Awakening as well as the Narrative of Fredrick Douglass both cope with the idea of liberty. The way that people achieved liberty was really hard. For Fredrick Douglass he had to go through a life quest to discover his freedom. Edna Pontellier, publisher of The Waking up, had to work for her independence. People from the present to earlier times still needed to find or earn their very own freedom.

Inside the novel The Awakening, Edna is a fresh married females, who has two kids. Edna life is amazing, unfortunately the girl and her husband will not receive along. Inside the novel, it shows how Edna seems as if she's trapped with a man who also she does not love or care for. Being married with her husband becomes a problem when she begins having emotions for Robert Lebrun. Robert Lebrun is a very joyful young man. Edna really loves this relating to this young man, and she expands tried of her lifestyle and seems as if, she needs to be free of her partner. She desires to be a free of charge women who does not take orders from her husband. For instance , " But after all, a radiant serenity settled after her when she now found very little alone” (22, Chopin). This kind of shows that the lady felt cost-free as a chicken. She acquired finally encounter freedom. Nor did the lady have her husband generally there to tell her what to do or to bug her. Another case in point, " At the time you speak of Mr. Pontellier placing me free! I i am no assets to dispose of or not” (41, Chopin). This quote is just expressing, how she knew it really is

impossible on her behalf to be arranged free. Edna then knew she would be stuck with her husband and nor will she have the ability to be set free or perhaps be with normally the one she truly loved. In the novel The Narrative of Fredrick Douglass, Frederick Douglass was a servant who wanted to be cost-free. Douglass wished to be a totally free slave. Which means some who also didn't listen to other about what they should do. He would not want to listen or obey other people. From this novel, Douglass see the various free slaves. Fredrick Douglas did not possess a horrible master, he had a master...

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