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The pattern of Vincent sobre Paul: complete text

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Robert P. Maloney, CM. The pattern of Vincent de Paul: a contemporary spirituality inside the service from the poor. Ny: New City Press, 1992.

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A Contemporary Spirituality

inside the Service with the poor





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A Contemporary Spiritual techniques

in the Support of the Poor

Robert S. Maloney, C. M.

Printed in the United States by simply New Town Press 202 Cardinal Rd., Hyde Recreation area, NY 12538 В©1992 Robert P. Maloney, C. Meters.

Library of Congress Cataloging - in-Publication Data: Maloney. Robert S. The way of Vincent de Paul: a contemporary spiritual techniques in the support of the poor / Robert P. Maloney. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN I-56548-001-5 (pbk. ) 1 ) Vincent para Paul, Saint, 1581-1660-Contributions in spirituality. 2 . Spirituality-Catholic Church-History- I seventh century. several. Catholic Church-Doctrines-History-17th century. four. Vincentians-Spiritual life. 5. Children of Charity of St . Vincent sobre Paul-Spiritual lifestyle. 6. Chapel work with the poorCatholic Chapel. 7. Vincentians-Rule. 8. Daughters of Charity of St Vincent para Paul-Rule. 1 ) Title. BX4700. V6M23 1992 255'. 91-dc20 91-38205

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Preamble............................... 7 Acknowledgements......................... 9 liltro(luction............................ 11

Part I Chapter I The Christ of Vincent para Paul.................. Section II Five Characteristic Benefits: Yesterday and Today....... Chapter 3 The 4 Vincentian Vows: Yesterday now.......


thirty seven


Phase IV Community Living as well as the Community Strategy.......... 130

Portion II The pattern of St . Vincent A Rule for Servants of the Poor................. 145


The recognized French vem som st?r, Henri Bremond, in his research of religious motions and personalities of 17th century France was mesmerized by the charm and depth of spiritual techniques that this individual encountered in the writings of Saint Vincent de Paul. He did not hesitate, however , to chide gently the Community of Heureux Vincent for having too properly guarded the writings from the Saint as well as for not having built them available to the public in particular. He consequently retracted his complaint the moment on the eve of the syndication of his own magisterial work in the 1920's, he learned that the first amounts of the job of posting the fourteen volumes of Saint Vincent' s messages and conventions had commenced to appear. Father Bremond, had been he composing today, could possibly be justified in thinking and regretting which the English -speaking world had not been yet adequately familiar with the writings of Saint Vincent. Language can be described as formidable barrier and the operate of translation is challenging and gradual. Recent years, nevertheless , have seen an acceleration inside the pace of translating Heureux Vincent is writings, and a growth inside the number of studies of the many faceted mind and heart of Saint Vincent. Among this sort of studies should be placed this current volume -The Way of Vincent de Paul-which Father Robert Maloney presents to all who would like to become more accustomed to the spiritual vision on this man whose name instantly conjures up, not merely the poor but the challenge of serving them. In a very careful and complete manner Father Maloney presents, with adequate references to sources, the outlines of...

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