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Business Summary1

1Company Overview1

2Valuation Methods Used1

3Fundamental Valuation1

4Market Valuation1

5Liquidation Value1


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This valuation is controlled by the following presumptions and limiting conditions:

1 . Information, estimates, and opinions a part of this survey are from sources considered to be reliable. Yet , we assume no responsibility for these kinds of sources.

2 . Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporation. and its reps warranted to us which the information they will supplied was complete and accurate for the best of all their knowledge and the financial affirmation information shows Wal-Mart Retailers, Inc. is results of operations and financial condition according to generally accepted accounting rules, unless normally noted. Info supplied by supervision has been approved as appropriate without further more verification, (and we exhibit no thoughts and opinions on that information).

3. Possession of this survey, or a copy thereof, does not carry with it the proper of distribution of all or part of it, nor should it be used for any kind of purpose by simply anyone nevertheless the client without the previous drafted consent in the client or us and, in any event, only with proper attribution.

4. Were not required to offer testimony in court, or be in presence during any hearings or depositions, with regards to Wal-Mart Retailers, Inc. becoming valued, until previous agreements have been manufactured.

five. The various estimations of value shown in this report apply to this valuation simply and may not be used out of your context provided herein. This kind of valuation is definitely valid just for the purpose or purposes particular herein.

6. The valuation contemplates facts and conditions existing as of the valuation day, 13th Feb . 2013. Incidents and circumstances occurring there after date haven’t been deemed, and we have zero obligation to update our report to get such incidents and circumstances.

several. We have believed that there is total compliance using applicable government, state, and native regulations and laws except if otherwise specified in this report.

almost eight. This report was prepared by professionals who have do not have virtually any present or perhaps contemplated future interest in Wal-Mart Stores, Incorporation., any interest with respect to the get-togethers involved, or any type of other fascination that might stop us from performing a great unbiased value. Our settlement is certainly not contingent on an action or event as a result of the studies, opinions, or perhaps conclusions in, or the use of, this report.

5. Executive Synopsis


1 Company Guide

2 Value Methods Utilized

3 Primary Valuation

four Market Valuation

5 Liquidation Value

Primary Method: Discounted Cash Goes

The primary Method is made up in determining the cash runs the company will produce in the future and discounting them to this current in order to determine the present worth of the business. We is going to estimate these cash goes by getting rid of other expenses, financial expenditures (expenses not related with the key activity of the business) because they are amounts that may make effects in the result and drive us to get a negative organization value. After we compute the value of the money Flows, we all adjust the Tax Expenditure so it displays the impose of the adjusted profit that will not include the unrelated expenses. The worth we get this is actually the NOPLAT (Net Operating Revenue Less Tweaked Taxes). With the help of Depreciation, Amount and taking away Investments of the year (either in capital expenditures and non money working capital) we get the Free Earnings. We help to make a outlook of the Free of charge Cash Goes for a particular amount of periods before the company grows at a stable growth charge. Reached this kind of level put into effect the NOPLAT of the previous period and that we divide this by the WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital) in order to determine the Fatal Value. This kind of value refers to the value...

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