Who Am i not Essay

What are my own career field goals and aspirations? Where do I observe myself in five years? Well, one of my biggest career field goals would have to be using my own successful performance automotive shop as well as building automobiles and restoring classics. In five years I see me personally a college graduate student, starting a family group and getting my personal business installed and operating. Being just 19, a large number of may think that having my business in 24 is a bit far fetched but I always set challenging goals to get myself because you there is nothing impossible as you set your mind to it and are enthusiastic for the end result.

Ever since I will remember I possess always wanted to possess a job that I would wake up every morning and smile before I gone in. As being a little boy I actually fell in love with cars and everything info. I knew from that moment that's what I planned to do throughout my life. As I matured I actually began piecing together my personal plan for achievement and to this day not much than it has changed. Creating a plan is the easy part of it, actually acomplishing it is the tough part. Not too long ago I signed up for an Vehicle Service and Management program to start doing what I ought to fulfill my personal dreams of using my own business. Throughout the years I have taught myself most of the things I understand about cars from models and makes all the way to wiring, motors, and performance part unit installation. Running an automotive shop is my personal dream for 2 major causes: 1 . I use always had a deep love for automobiles and working away at them offers alway helped relieve stress and 2 . We are able to go to work and make a living undertaking something I like doing. Getting up and

getting to work on autos all day would not be considered " work” in my experience. I would become living the dream.

Five years from now I see myself under the hood of any car performing what I perform best and what I love to do. I see me personally just returning from a wonderful honey-moon in Hawaii and Italy while using girl i wanted. Well, given that I'm a married gentleman of course kids are up for...

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