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William Pitt the Younger

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William Pitt was born at Hayes,  Kent on 28th May 1759.

William Pitt died in 16th January, 1806. He suffered from poor health and was knowledgeable at home. His father,  William Pitt, Earl of Chatham, was the former M. L. for Old Sarum and one of the most important politicians with the period. The Earl of Chatham was determined that his boy would at some point become a member of the House of Commons and at an early age Bill was given lessons on how to become an effective orator. Died indebted of £40, 000.


William grew up with a strong involvement in politics and spent a lot of his spare time watching arguments in parliament. On seventh April 1778 he was present when his father flattened while producing a presentation in the House of Lords and helped to carry his perishing father through the chamber. In 1781 Sir Wayne Lowther arranged pertaining to William Pitt to become the M. P. for Appleby. He made his 1st speech in the House of Commons on 26th February, 1781. William Pitt had been properly trained and later on, Lord North, the prime minister, described it as the " greatest speech" that he had ever heard.


Immediately after entering the Commons, William Pitt came under the impact of Charles Sibel, Britain's leading Whig politician. Pitt joined Fox in his plan for serenity with the American colonies. On 12th Summer he made a speech in which Pitt insisted that this was an " unjust war" and advised Lord North's government to bring it to a end. Pitt also took an interest in the way that The uk elected Associates of Parliament. He was especially critical of the way the monarchy applied the system to influence individuals in Parliament. Pitt contended that parliamentary reform was necessary for the preservation of liberty


The new perfect minister,  Lord Sherburne equiped the twenty-three year old Pitt as his Chancellor with the Exchequer. Within the 31st Mar, 1783, Pitt resigned. At this point out of power, Pitt turned his attention when...

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