Zaruta 14 Years A Slave Dissertation

Zaruta 1

Ryan Zaruta

EC American Record

Miss Kimelewski

23 Oct 2014

14 Years A Slave

When you compare the publication to the video, there were a lot of differences in the movie. Available, there were three children- Maggie, Elizabeth, and Alonzo, although in the movie, they only had two children- Alonzo and Margaret. In the beginning from the movie, two men- Dark brown and Edinburgh, approached Solomon Northup in New York and offered him a job of playing the fiddle for the circus in Washington, however in the publication, the two men told Solomon that his first work was in New york city, but then convinced him in going to Phila. before their very own final give of playing in Wa. When Solomon is kept hostage inside the slave pen, the publication mentions that Burch's movie director came in and gave Solomon dried up chicken, yet in the movie, they only demonstrate Burch defeating and to whip Solomon, before showing the other slaves in the servant pen baths together. The book won't mention anything about taking bathrooms together with the slaves. In the book, it says that Eliza's child Randall was sold initially, before Eliza and her daughter Emily travel to another slave market, where Eliza was marketed without her daughter seeing that Burch thought he'd get a lot of money on her. In the film however , Eliza, Randall, Emily, and Erstaunt (name given to Solomon, sharing with him which his unique name) were lined up in a slave market, being checked out by a handful of white men. Ford got into contact with Burch and purchased Erstaunt and Eliza. When Eliza pleaded Honda to buy her children, Randall was sold to another light male, and Burch declined to sell Emily.

Zaruta 2

Inside the movie, Erstaunt is with Honda and Tibeats, working on a thought of building some type of canal to hold lumber, which usually Solomon does to convince Tibeats and Ford that it may work. Available though, Geschmacklos is building the channel. Toward the midst of the book, it mentions that Erstaunt was hanged by Tibeats and two men, before Chapin comes out and stops all of them. That night,...

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